“I have to say children, they can cope better than adults, they just take the day when it comes”


It has been the most painful experience in our lives at the very beginning of Rose getting ill. She started with a mild cold, then chest infection and high fever about a week and then she was on antibiotics, but not getting better. Weirdly one day we found her head tilted to one side all the time, when we asked her she said she felt that is normal position. Then she started to feel a bit of pain on the leg, then more and more pain till she could not get out of the bed. In between all these we kept going see the GP, but nothing helped.

Only when she had more pain on her leg was she admitted to the hospital to see the consultant. She was there for almost one week and the doc still could not tell us what is wrong with her after done blood test (loads) every day, different scans, checked and poked, we were so worried.

I have to say children, they can cope better than adults, because they don't think too much, they just take the day when it comes. When I went to see her, she was busy asking me to play a card game while I was busy interrogating the doc for all the information he could give me.

The turn came on a Monday when a senior consultant came back to work and after seeing Rose he told us he was pretty sure what the diagnosis is. He was probably the only consultant in the hospital who heard and had a bit of knowledge and experience on it. Rose was immediately sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital. After a couple of more serious tests (signing for biopsy test over the phone traumatised me as I could not be there for her after my caesarean and had to look after a few weeks old baby myself) she finally got her treatment, and she got sent back home just before Christmas. Hooray, we are all over the moon, and count ourselves sooooo lucky. We are for ever so grateful to all docs in GOS.

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